Superfast Broadband

superfast broadband

Following our September 2018 forum meeting it became apparent many area’s have very poor internet connections. The forum have been actively looking at ways to improve and bring faster broadband to Purfleet-on-Thames.

Time has moved on and we are pleased to say the first contract has been completed. Our forum has brought Superfast Broadband to  WATTS WOOD PARK. We will look at other area’s of Purfleet-on-Thames to continue a roll out.

2019-07-30 21.23.24
Signing the cheque for the deposit to bring Superfast Broadband to  Watts Wood Park

If your area needs faster broadband have a word with your neighbours and let us know.

Send us your

  1. house number or name
  2. postcode
  3. problems you are experiencing
  4. type of broadband; standard, fibre
  5. optional  – supplier & package

The more information you give us the more we can help you and others. Send to

Offcom launched a campaign to boost your broadband here

There is a lot to do for this to improve. A map showing known area’s without Superfast access is shown below.


Presentation by Murray James from September 2018 meeting click here

To help you find out about your broaband  you can go to –

Thurrock Council’s ‘Digital and Information Technology Strategy ‘click here

Check if you can get broadband  or  fibre broadband –

Openreach ‘When can I get fibre’ checker  click here

BT Broadband checker, lots of numbers and stuff on this one click here

Check your existing broadband speed –

Broadband speed checker click here

If you have a problem with broadband read the following –

Community Fibre Partnership click here

We are in contact with council re the above and will pass on any helpful information as we receive it.

Purfleet-on-Thames Community Forum in action





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