What’s On

What's on

19.03.26 forum flyer

19.03.31 PH&MC Day of Remembrance, b

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ROH Production Park

Past Events

19.03.22 quiz at The Royal19.01.29 forum flyer

18.12.01 Christmas Fayre & Christmas Light Turn On, 218.11.27 forum flyer

18.11.11 Battle Over

18.10.05 pub quiz at the Fleet, updated18.09.25 forum meeting

18.09.02 Purfleet Motorbike Gathering, British Legion

18.08.05 Gurkha Day

18.07.31 Forum meeting

18.07.22 RAF 100 PH&MC 18.07.15 St Stephen's fun day & barbecue18.05.29 forum meeting

18.03.27 forum meeting   18.03.23 Mardyke River clean

18.02.16 Lower Mardyke path clearance,Thames 21    18.02.01 Community Consultation, phase 1a

18.01.30 forum & AGM meeting.JPG    17.12.15 Christmas Pub Quiz.JPG

17.11.21 turning on Christmas Lights    17.12.02 St Stephen's Fayre17.11.28 Forum meeting    17.11.05 Rememberance Day


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