The Purfleet Chronicle

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1867.08.10 will of William Henry Whitbread, Illustrated London News
‘The Will of William Henry Whitbread’ London News 10th August 1867




1977.01.27 Princess Margaret, Danny la Rue at the Circus Tavern, The Stage
‘Princess Margaret , Danny La Rue at Circus Tavern’ The Stage 27th January 1977
1965.6.29 Royal Hotel facelift, The Times
‘Extension at The Royal’ The Times 29th June 1965
1960.03.03 early talk of a flood barrier at Long Reach Tilbury, Birmingham Daily Post
‘Early talks of a Thames Barrier at Long Reach’ Birmingham Daily Post, 3rd March 1960

1954.01.30 TBM advert, The Sphere

‘GH Digby photographer and vendor of Purfleet Postcards sells his business’                                        Chelmsford Chronicle 23rd January 1942
1940.01.27 Purfleet Man's Prowess, Essex Newsman
‘Purfleet Man’s Prowess’ Essex Newsman 27th January 1940
1938.07.29 laying of 13 foundation stones to Baptist Chrurch, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Laying foundation stones to new Baptist Chapel’ Chelmsford Chronicle 25th November 1938
1937.04.30 reduction of tunnel toll charges, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Tunnel Tolls Reduced’ Chelmsford Chronical 30th April 1937
1936.06.26 death of Mr Lockyer, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Death of Mr Lockyer’ Chelmsford Chronicle 26th June 1936
1934.05.31 memorial to inventor of margarine, Hull Daily Mail
‘Memorial to the inventor of margarine’ Hull Daily Mail, 31st May 1934
1930.09.12 Purfleet Tunnel to start before Christmas, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘The Purfleet Tunnel to start before Christmas’, Chelmsford Chronicle 12th September 1930
1929.09.18 the largest oil depot, Leeds Mercury
‘Largest oil depot in the UK at Purfleet’ Leeds Mercury 18th September 1929
1925.02.07 proposed new tunnel at Purfleet, The Sphere
‘Proposed new Purfleet Tunnel’ The Sphere 7th February 1925
1920.08.07 sale of shareholding of Purfleet Wharf & Sawmills, Gloucester Citizen
‘Sale of shareholding of Purfleet Wharf & Sawmills’ Gloucester Citizen 7th August 1920
1916.04.06 Zeppelin L15 shot down, Cornishman
‘L15 Zeppelin shot down’ Cornishman, 6th April 1916
1914.10.10 15,000 troops at purfleet , surrey advertiser
‘15,000 troops at Purfleet’, Surrey Advertiser 10.10.1914
1912.01.20 gallant rescue at Purfleet, Essex Newsman
‘Gallant rescue at Purfleet’ Essex Newsman 20th January 1912
1908.05.16 purfleet cycle club, grays & tilbury gazette, and southend telegraph
‘Purfleet Cycle Club’ Grays & Tilbury Gazette and Southend Telegraph 16th May 1908
1905.02 11 big new coal depot for Purfleet, Grays & Tilbury Gazette, and Southend Telegraph
‘Big coal depot for Purfleet’ Grays & Tilbury Gazette, and Southend Telegraph 11th February 1905
1903.3.04 serious fire at Purfleet station, The Globe
‘Serious fire at Purfleet Station’ The Globe 4th March 1903
1901.08.10 Smoking concert at The Royal, Grays & Tilbury Gazette, and Southend Telegraph
‘A smoking concert at the Royal Hotel’ Grays & Tilbury Gazette and Southend Telegaph. 10th August 1901

The Purfleet Chronicle

1899.09.02 Lillie Langtry lunches at Purfleet, The Penny Illustrated
‘Lillie Langtry lunches at Purfleet’ The Penny Illustrated, 2nd September 1899
1898.04.08 big fire at High House farm, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Big fire at High House Farm’ Chelmsford Chronicle 8th April 1898
1895.12.24 Whitbread dedicates land for station, Essex Herald
‘Whitbread asked to dedicate land by the station for proposed causeway by the station’ Essex Herald 24th December 1895
1889.11.16 Purfleet Cricket Club, Grays & Tilbury Gazette, and Southend Telegraph
‘Purfleet Cricket Club’ , Grays & Tilbury Gazette, and Southend Telegraph 16th November 1889
1889.08.17 swim London Bridge to Purfleet, Penny Illustrated Paper
‘A swim from London Bridge to Purfleet in five hours seven minutes’                                         The Penny Illustrated 17th August 1889
1888.04.03 cardboard from stable manure, Pall Mall Gazette
‘The start of Thames Board Mills’ Pall Mall Gazette 3rd April 1888
1887.9.23 The mysterious destruction of gunpowder, The Times
‘ The mysterious destruction of gunpowder’, The Times 23rd September 1887
1882.08.19 death of an excursionist, Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser
‘Sad death of an excusionist’ Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser 19th August 1882
1882.10.09 smallpox ships Atlas & Endymion, Essex Herald
‘Smallpox ships Atlas & Endymion’ Essex Herald 9th October 1882
1870.09.09 6 x boys from the Cornwall run down, Shields Daily Gazette
‘Six lads missing from trainig ship Cornwall after being run down by steamer’ Shields Daily Gazette 9th September 1870
1869.01.09 Mr Punch hiding in lighthouse, Punch Magazine
1868.05.23 potential explosion at Purfleet, Halifax Courier
‘Potential explosion at Purfleet’ Halifax Courier 23rd May 1868
1868.03.21 sale of coast watch vessel - Mermaid, Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser
‘Sale of Purfleet coast guard vessel Mermaid’ Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser 21st March 1868
‘High House sale, re the late J E Joyner’ Chelmsford Chronicle 20th March 1868
1867.08.27 Purfleet fete & cricket match, Essex Herald
‘Purfleet fete & cricket match’ Essex Herald 27th August 1867
1866.10.27 ref to Purfleet-on-Thames & The Royal Hotel, Maidstone Telegraph
‘First known ref. to Purfleet-on-Thames’ Maidstone Telegraph 27th October 1866

1862.07.26 white bait dinners at the Royal, Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser

‘ White bait dinners at Wingrove’s’ North Kent and South Essex Advertiser 26th July 1862

1861.08.10 hms warrior calls in at purfleet to collect guns and stores, kentish chronicle
‘HMS Warrior takes on guns after launch’ Kentish Chronicle 10th August 1861
1859.09.07 view the Great Eastern from balconies of Royal Hotel, Globe
‘Maiden voyage of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Great Eastern, first night at Purfleet’ The Globe 7th September 1859
1859.06.16 Cornwall frigate now moored on the Thames, Morning Post
‘Cornwall frigate now moored in the Thames’ Morning Post 16th June 1859
1859.04.23 R Fields electro plate silver approved by Royal Hotel, Hampshire Advertiser
‘The Royal Hotel approves of electro-silver plate cutlery’ Hampshire Advertiser 23rd April 1859

1858.01.23 The Great Republic ship, Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser

‘The Great Republic ship at Long Reach’ Gravesend Reporter 23rd January 1858

1855.08.31 war balloon land in densly populated gardens, Essex Standard
‘War balloon lands at densly popuated gardens’ Essex Standard 31st August 1855
1853.10.07 sillver medal for best method of cottage ventilation, Stamford Mercury
‘Purfleet man gets medal for cottage ventilation’ Stamford Mercury 7th October 1853
1850.04.23 Charles Barry Baldwin MP falls into river, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Charles Baldwin MP falls into the river’ Chelmsford Chronicle 23rd April 1850
1849.06.08 Purfleet Annual Regatta, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Purfleet Annual Reagatta’ Chelmsford Chronicle 8th June 1849
1845.04.05 The fairy, Long Reach the measured mile, Kentish Independent
‘New iron steamer Fairy excedes expectations’ Kentish Independant 5th April 1845
1844.07.28 first ref to Mr Whitbreads gardens, Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
‘First referance to Mr Whitbread’s Botany Gardens’    Lloyds Weekley Newspaper 28th July 1844
1842.07.30 start of tourist to Purfleet by steam boat, Kentish Mercury
‘First reference to tourism to Purfleet’ Kentish Mercury 30th July 1842
1841.10.22 breach of sea wall, Essex Standard
‘Breach of sea wall, flooding in Purfleet and surrounding areas’ Essex Standard 22nd October 1841
1841.03.30 Purfleet Powder Magazine, Essex Herald
‘Purfleet Powder Magazines’ Essex Herald 30th March 1841
1841.02.04 population, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Population in the borough and around from 1811 to 1841, how times change’ Chelmsford Chronicle 4th February 1841
1840.12.19 subterraneous forest, The Odd Fellow
‘Subterraneous forest’ The Odd Fellow 19th December 1840
1840.11.13 wanted gardener at High House, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘Gardener wanted at High House’ Chelmsford Chronicle 13th November 1840
1839.10.15 ref to the Measured Mile, Morning Post
‘Archimedes screw’ Morning Post 15th October 1839
1838.09.13 Temeraire to be broken up, painted by Turner 6.9.1838 , London Courier and Evening Gazette
‘The Temeraire, painted by Turner, last trip past Purfleet’ London Courier and Evening Gazette 13th September 1838
1837.06.23 A journey to Purfleet, Chelmsford Chronicle
‘A Journey to Purfleet’ , Chelmsford Chronicle 23rd June 1837
1836.11.03 new type of lighthouse trialed at Purfleet, Worcester Journal
‘New type of lighthouse trialed at Purfleet’ Worcester Journal 3rd November 1836
1834.08.19 no two persons of the same trade shall reside in the village, Morning Advertiser
‘No two persons of the same trade shall reside in the village’ , Morning Advertiser 19th August 1834
1834.07.02 Weedon Barracks transfer to Purfleet, Bucks Gazette
‘Weedon Barracks transfer to Purfleet’ Bucks Gazette 2nd July 1834
‘Sinking of Lord Cholmondeley’s yacht Brilliant off Chalk Wharf’. Stamford Mercury 24th August 1832
1832.06.02 Purfleet in list of fairs, Essex Standard
‘Fairs in Essex, inc. annual Purfleet Fair by the Royal’ Essex Standard 2nd June 1832

1827.04.05 lad named Sparks and horse fell over cliff edge, Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser‘A lad named Sparks and horse fell over a cliff edge at the Dipping’                                                                          Public Daily Ledger & Daily Advertiser    5th April 1827

1809.03.02 bill for exchange of land at Purfleet between HM Government & Mr Whitbread, Morning Chronicle

‘Exchange of Land Bill’ Morning Chronicle 2nd March 1809

The Purfleet Chronicle

1799.08.24 looking for a tunnel under the Thames, Staffordshire Advertiser
‘Looking for the tunnel at Purfleet ‘,  Staffordshire Advertiser 24th August 1799
1794.05.09 sailing vessel sunk, five drowned, Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal
‘In the18th century accidents were in the river, today they are on the roads Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal‘ 9th May 1794
1789.01.24 inquest on George Hicks killed by caving in chalk pit, Ipswich Journal
‘Accident at the chalk pit’ Ipswich Observer 24th January 1789
1772.07.25 sixteen drown in a squall, Oxford Journal
‘Sixteen die in a squall’ Oxford Journal 25th July 1772
1771.01.03 Attack on East India Co ships, Stamford Mercury
‘Attack on East India Co. ships’ Stamford Mercury 3rd January 1771
1765.12.28 plans to built a fort at Purfleet, The Ipswich Journal
‘Plans to build a new fort’ The Ipswich Journal 28th December 1765
1762.03.06 death of caleb grantham of high house, the ipswich journal
‘Death of Caleb Grantham of High House’ Ipswich Journal 6th March 1762
1759.12.22 announcement the Gunpowder Magazine will move to Purfleet, Ipswich Journal
‘Royal Gunpowder Magazine moves to Purfleet’ Ipswich Journal    22nd December 1759
1790.04.30 10 guinea reward for theft from Lime Works Purfleet, Kentish Gazette
’10 guinea reward for theft from lime works’,  Kentish Gazette 30th April 1740
1739.10.20 John Wherry & surveyor succeded by John Vendale, The Ipswich Courier
‘John Vendale replaces John Wherry as new surveyor of Purfleet’ The Ipswich Courier 20th October 1739

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