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20.09.18 ne welcome to PoT, Thurrock Gazette
New welcome to Purfleet-on-Thames, 18th September 2020. Thurrock Gazette

Purfleet-on Thames name change, 8th July 2020 Thurrock Gazette

Purfleet-on Thames name change, 7th July 2020 BBC News

Purfleet-on Thames name change, 7th July 2020 BBC News

Purfleet-on Thames name change, 6th July 2020 Your Thurrock

Purfleet-on Thames name change, 5th July 2020 Thurrock Nub News

20.07.02 name change & POTCF Kinetika flag, Thurrock Gazette



20.01.30 Plans for change of name.. given the go ahead, Thurrock Gazette

20.01.16 Purfleet regeneration begins,, Thurrock Gazette
Purfleet regeneration begins, Thurrock Gazette 16th January 2020

19.11.20 Purfleet Community Champion, Thurrock Independent19.11.20 Purfleet Community Champion, Your Thurrock

19.07.20 consultation for name change to Purfleet-on-Thames, Thurrock Gazette

19.05.09 Purfleet litter pick a success, Thurrock Gazette
‘Purfleet litter pick a success,’ Thurrock Gazette 19th May 2019


Your Thurrock Latest Purfleet News, click here


Purfleet Regeneration gets the green light, Thurrock Independent 25th April 2019

19.04.14 You can't pick quicker than a Purfleet Picker, Thurrock Indepenent

19.04.11 Picker collect 50 x bags rubbish, Thurrock Gazette
‘Purfleet Pickers clean up’ Thurrock Gazette 11th April 2019

19.04.04 Thieves steal memorial plaques & tribute to Zeppelin gunners, Thurrock Independent

19.03.28 remember the Purfleet Gunners, Thurrock Gazette
‘Green Plaque unveiling to Purfleet Gunners’ Thurrock Gazette 28th March 2019

18.12.27 'Purfleet & Gunpowder', Thurrock Gazette

18.11.29 Toping out at Harris Riverside & Rainham Fair, p8 Thurrock Gazette
‘Topping out at Harris Riverside & RSPB Christmas Fair’, Thurrock Gazette 29th November 2018


18.11.13 Hundreds attend Battle's Over, your Thurrock, b

18.11.08 Remembrance Day, p14 &15. Thurrock Independant
‘Purfleet’s annual Rmembrance Day’ Thurrock Independant, 8th November 2018

‘Moving ceremony as Purfleet pays tribute video’ Thurrock Independant 4th November 2018

18.11.014 POTCF Battles Over, p14 &15. Thurrock Independant

18.10.04 Brownfield Briefing Awards, p19. Thurrock Independant

18.10.04 Margarine spread to Purfleet, p4. Thurrock Gazette

2018.09.28 Thames Board Mill, p19, Thurrock Gazette
‘Remembering the Thames Board Mills’ Thurrock Gazette 20th September 2018
Purfleet Community Funday, Thurrock Enquirer, 16th August 2018
18.08.02 Thames title bid is winning support, p3. Thurrock Independant
Campaign to change the name,Thurrock Independant, 2nd August 2018
18.08.09 Change the Name POT, p4, Thurrock Gazette
Bid to rename town Purfleet-on-Thames, Thurrock Gazette 9th August 2018

18.06.28 grand designs for the estuary p21. Thurrock Independant

18.06.20 Developers on the right track, Your Thurrock

18.06.14 Women raise banners in tribute p17. Thurrock Independant

18.06.14 Women on March, p10. Thurrock Gazette
Suffragette centenary march Thurrock Gazette 14th June 2018


18.05.17 Remembering Raid p10. Thurrock Gazette
Purfleet Heritage Centre celebrates Dambuster Raid Thurrock Gazette 17th May 2018
18.03.29 general purfleet history. p12. Thurrock Gazette
‘Purfleet House home to William Whitbread.., Royal Gunpowder Magazines now and in 1859, Training ship Cornwall was permanently moored on the Thames. The Royal Hotel in 1910. First refefence to the name was in 1847 Thurrock Gazette 29th March 2018
18.03.29 L15 shot down by Purfleet Gunners p12. Thurrock Independant
‘Purfleet Gunners bring down Zepplin L15. NB this is often incorrectly refered to as LZ15’ Thurrock Independent 29th March 2015

 Entire Essex town to be revamped with TV studios, events area, market and shops click here

18.03.22 forum announcement, p6. Thurrock Independant
22nd March 2018

18.03.08 Purfleet London's top commuter spot

Your mortgage, Purfleet no. 1

18.03.10 WW2 shell goes on display at Heritage Centre. p6. Thurrock Gazette
Thurrock Gazette 1st February 2018
Thurrock Gazette 25th January 2018

18.01.25 chance to meet the town's developers p3. Thurrock Independant

18.01.25 chance to meet the town's developers, Your Thurrock

18.01.18 Cllr Peter Smith, a Purfleet resident leads task force for new Thames crossing p6. Thurrock Independant
The Thurrock Independent 18th January 2018

18.01.14 Forum sets AGM date p10. Thurrock Independant

17.12.28 take a look back at Purfleet, p14. Thurrock Gazette
Thurrock Gazette 28th December 2017

17.12.21 warm welcome for proposals for new look Purfleet p3. Thurrock Independant

17.12.21 PCRL plans received, p4. Thurrock Gazette
Thurrock Gazette 21st December 2017
17.12.14 PCRL community quiz p3. Thurrock Independant
The Thurrock Independent 14th December 2017
17.12.14 Hospital painter, p10. Thurrock Gazette
Thurrock Gazette 14th December 2017
17.12.07 Purfleet light switch on, p10. The Thurrock Gazette
Thurrock Gazette 7th December 2017

17.12.07 Purfleet billion pound regeneration, p4. The Thurrock Gazette

17.12.04 First Work begins for Purleet Regeneration Project, Your Thurrock17.11.30 Boots Christmas ad shot in Purfleet, p5. Thurrock Gazette

17.11.26 Anna Bolsin NLA re Purfleet regeneration
Twitter 26th November 2017

17.11.16 Council pledge action by the Heritage Centre, p8, The Thurrock Indepentant

17.11.09 community remembered, p 20&21. The Independant
The Thurrock Independent 9th November 2017

17.11.09 bid to make Stonehouse Lane one way, p.2, The Thurrock Independant

17.11.09 approval for new school, p 4. The Independant
The Thurrock Independent 9th November 2017
17.11.09 big ship arrives at Purfleet, p 18. The Thurrock Independant
The Thurrock Independent 9th November 2017
17.11.02 new school gets green light, p14. Thurrock Independant
The Thurrock Independent 2nd November 2017
17.11.02 Mardyke River clean up, p11. Thurrock Independant
The Thurrock Independent 2nd November 2017
17.11.02 Mardyke River clean up, p10. Thurrock Gazette
Thurrock Gazette 2nd November 2017

17.11.02 billion pound regeneration, p23. Thurrock Independant

17.11.02 billion pound regeneration, p1. Thurrock Gazette, a
Thurrock Gazette 2nd November 2017
17.11.02 billion pound regeneration, p2. Thurrock Gazette, b
Thurrock Gazette 2nd November 2017
17.10.26 river dipping day, p4, The Thurrock Gazette
26th October 2017 Thurrock Gazette

17.10.19 quiz night

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